Keynote Address

Legendary Notre Dame Football Player turned International Motivational Speaker and Author, Rudy Ruettiger is our 2021 keynote speaker.

Rudy Ruettiger

Author / Motivational Speaker

Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger carved his names into history books at Notre Dame and was immortalized in 1993's RUDY, a story of overcoming obstacles and criticism to achieve his dreams. Rudy is now a highly sought after motivational speaker. He portrays the human spirit that comes from his personal experiences of adversity and triumph.

In addition to his motivational speaking, Rudy has co-authored several books, including: RUDY'S INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE, RUDY'S LESSONS FOR YOUNG CHAMPIONS, RUDY & FRIENDS, THE RUDY IN YOU, and RUDY: MY STORY. 
He co-founded the RUDY FOUNDATION, whose mission is to strengthen communities by offering scholarships in education, sports, and the performing arts.

Session Speakers and Panelists

Ken Hardison

President and Founder


Opening Remarks / Panelist /

Get It Done in 2021

As founder and president of PILMMA, the Powerful and Innovative Legal Marketing & Management Association, Ken devotes his time to helping attorneys build their own preeminent law practices with proven marketing strategies and management resources. 

Mark Schaefer

Educator / Business Consultant / Author

The Most Human Law Firm Wins

Mark Schaefer is a globally-recognized keynote speaker, educator, business consultant, and author who works at the intersection of marketing, technology, and humanity. His blog, GROW, and podcast -- The Marketing Companion -- are at the top of the charts in the marketing field.

Liz Wendling

Attorney Coach / Author

Confessions of a Law Firm Secret Shopper - Avoiding The Top 3 Intake and Consultation Mistakes That Cause Ideal Clients To Retain Your Competition

Liz Wendling is the rainmaking attorney coach and the author of 6 books. Attorneys from all over the world seek her out when they want to discover how to be more confident and consistent in their business development and client conversation process.

Steve Nober

Founder and CEO

Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG)


As a recognized innovator and industry leader, Steve speaks at dozens of legal conferences each year. He brings over 25 years of experience as a marketing entrepreneur in the infomercial, internet services, and technology space.

Alan Crone


The Crone Law Firm

How to Avoid Being Sued By Your Ex-Employees

Attorney Alan Crone is the founder of The Crone Law Firm. The firm represents employees, executives and entrepreneurs in all aspects of employment law.

Tanner Jones

VP of Business Development


What's Google Up To?: A Midyear Review

As Vice President of Business Development, Tanner Jones oversees all business development opportunities for his law firm clients. He has the privilege of speaking with virtually every law firm that contacts Consultwebs, and he works with them to determine how Consultwebs may accomplish their digital marketing goals.

Nalini Prasad 

Chief Strategy Officer

BluShark Digital

Google Local Update

Nalini Prasad worked with Seth Price to create BluShark Digital. She frequently speaks across the country educating legal audiences on how to best utilize trending SEO techniques to generate quality leads online. As CSO at BluShark, Nalini designs and implements cutting-edge strategies across the four fundamental aspects of digital marketing -- sophisticated content creation, creative link-building, savvy technical optimization, and community-driven local SEO.

Eric Morgan


Morgan & Co.

How Do I Spend My Money?

Eric has over 25 years of media strategy, planning and buying experience in offline, online, non-traditional and promotional advertising tactics. He has designed and managed media strategy for many regional brands, including Louisiana Office of Tourism, Hotel Monteleone, Visit Baton Rouge, LCMC Health, Touro, Children’s Hospital, Morris Bart, LLC, Frank D. Azar & Associates, Harrah’s Casino, and New Orleans & Co.

Harlan Schillinger

Grandfather of Legal Advertising / Consultant

Intake Panelist


Harlan Schillinger has four decades of experience in legal advertising with a passion for legal marketing, intake, and conversion. Harlan is widely considered the Grandfather of Legal Advertising, being the very first in the legal field to produce and market television advertising for the legal community. 

Chris Mullins

Founder and CEO

Intake Academy

Intake Panelist

Known as the Phone Sales Doctor, Chris Mullins and her team have helped hundreds of law firms around the country convert more prospects into profitable clients. She is a nationally recognized author and speaker on law firm lead conversion.

Dr. Ron Eccles

The Success Doctor

Event Moderator

As a professional speaker, author, and business coach, Ron travels throughout the US and abroad inspiring and empowering others. Dr. Ron has over 37 years of business experience as an entrepreneur; as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Restaurateur, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach, and Professional Speaker and Trainer.


Jay Henderson


Real Talent Hiring

How To Avoid A Bad Hire

Jay Henderson is the founder of www.RealTalentHiring.com, a unique hiring and management development service for Lawyers who want to take the risk out of hiring and get the best results out of their employees. He is the author of The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Hiring Super-stars (A New Formula Guaranteed to Find the Right People For Your Business.)

Seth Price

Founder and CEO

BluShark Digital

Marketing Moderator

An accomplished attorney and transformational thought leader, Seth Price is a founding partner and the business backbone of Price Benowitz LLP as well as the founder and CEO of BluShark Digital. Seth took a two person law firm and scaled it to 36 lawyers in less than a decade. Now Seth has taken the same digital power that built the firm to create a best in class digital agency focused on the legal sector in BluShark Digital.

David Shuman


Vector Consulting Services, Inc.

Accounting Systems for a Contingency Law Firm

David’s 26-year career in consulting has been centered on assisting clients analyze, manage, develop and grow their businesses. With an educational background in both Accounting and Computer Science David’s insight into the internal operations, procedures and control of companies has proven invaluable when evaluating client’s operations, specific needs and opportunities for Growth Strategies.

Nick Veser

Executive Producer

Liberty Link Media

Leveraging Videos To Grow Your Law Firm

Nick Veser is the Executive Producer for Liberty Link Media. He is a talented video executive with a well-earned reputation for producing compelling video messages on behalf of law firms all over the country.

Eric Sanchez



Top 10 Red Flags To Look Out For While Managing a Law Firm

Eric Sanchez is a patented inventor and award-winning innovator in legal tech. He currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, one of the largest and most successful plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast. He also serves in the same capacity for Upcycle Legal, which offers marketing and operations consulting to contingency law firms. As the founder of GrowPath, he is responsible for much of its present technology and feature set.

Jay Ruane


Ruane Attorneys

How to Grow a Profitable and Successful Criminal Defense Practice

Jay Ruane has developed a reputation among lawyers as a thought leader in the marketing and operations space across the USA. Jay has spoken on the topics of marketing, criminal defense operations and DUI defense in 37 different states. An Amazon® best selling author with multiple books, Jay focuses his core practice on all things DUI and criminal defense.  

Steve Smith


Diversifiying In Mass Torts and What You Should Know

Steve has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and business development. Eight years of which focused solely in the legal marketing industry. He has worked with the nation’s top firms and is a trusted marketing expert within mass tort and personal injury cases.

Garry Salomon


Increase Revenue Through Top Line Management


Chelsea Williams


Core Solutions Group, Inc.

Overcome the Cash Crunch

After 10+ years in the accounting field, there are two huge takeaways I left the traditional tax & accounting office. #1 - no one is teaching people about financial literacy from kids to adults. #2 - the accounting industry was doing a crappy job at proactively serving their clients and instead, was in a constant state of reactiveness. Numbers and I are tight and my gift is creating financial clarity and the potential it opens up for business owners. I have a passion for helping law firms understand and leverage their cash which is where Core Solutions Group, Inc. comes in. 

Bill Pintas


Pintas & Mullins

How To Make a Killing in Mass Torts, Reduce Your Taxes to 4%  and Do No Work

Ari Kornhaber

Founder and Executive VP

Esquire Bank

Financing Your Law Firm's Growth

Esquire Bank is a federally charted commercial bank, that focuses on servicing the unique financial needs of lawyers, law firms and their clients, with a special affinity towards the trial lawyers of America.  Prior to forming Esquire Bank, Ari was a plaintiffs’ trial lawyer in New York City with the law firm of Napoli, Kaiser and Bern, where he specialized in personal injury, medical malpractice and mass tort litigation.  Over the last nineteen years, Ari has spoken about financing, banking and the evolution of the business of law, as well as the ethical issues surrounding the same, at numerous seminars and conferences across the country.

Brooke Lively

 President and Founder

Cathedral Capital

From Panic to Profit

Brooke specializes in helping entrepreneurs turn their companies into profitable businesses by working with closely held companies with revenues up to 10 million dollars. Prior to consulting, Brooke was the full-charge administrator for a seven-figure small law firm which she helped to build from the ground up.

Patrick Anderson



The 5 Types of Video Every Law Firm Should Be Using to Market Their Law Firm

Patrick Anderson has been utilizing video to create sales and publicity for 45 years. He has created video advertising technologies for 20th Century Fox, American Express, Don Kirshner & Paul McCartney. For the past 12 years, Patrick has developed video strategies and law firm apps for PILMMA Mastermind Members who are pushing the limits of ad technologies and marketing tools. 

Terry Duncan



Don Worley


McDonald Worley P.C.

What's Hot and What's Not?

McDonald “Don’ Worley has been helping people harmed by others for more than 20 years.  He is the founder and lead attorney of the national trial firm MCDONALD WORLEY, P.C.  Based in Houston, Texas, the firm also has offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C., Miami and Scottsdale.  Don primarily oversees the 50,000+ mass tort cases in the firm but the firm also handles serious injury cases, nursing home cases and sexual abuse cases across the county.  The firm recently began to handle consumer class actions and wage and hour class actions across the country as well.

Micki Love

President and Chief Client Strategist

cj Advertising

Using KPI's to Manage Your Law Firm

Micki began her career as a runner for Hughes & Coleman, a small personal injury law firm in Kentucky, while attending school. For more than 23 years, she was involved in all aspects of marketing and managing at the firm, and she eventually led the firm as their Chief Operating Officer. Now, as President and Chief Brand Strategist of cj, she oversees all agency accounts and launched cj Consulting.

Marc Whitehead

Founding Partner

Marc Whitehead & Associates

Creating A Marketing Plan

Marc Whitehead is double board certified in both Personal Injury Trial Law and Social Security Disability Law.  He dedicates his practice to disability law, specializing in long-term disability insurance denials, Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability.  He has authored multiple books on the topic of disability benefit claims and litigation.

Gene Ramos



Video Production Made Simple

Gene Ramos was on the set of Walker, Texas Ranger & Smokey & the Bandits. He developed the High 5 Video Marketing platform for NCS.tv -- which produced video interviews, FAQs, and testimonial videos for CEO's and book authors. As co-founder of MonthlyVids.com and the operations manager of The National Academy of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, Geno has helped lawyers to attract clients through coaching, online training applications, and implementing new technologies.

Cindy Speaker


Speaker Media and Marketing

Video Marketing: Youtube Advertising

Cindy Speaker is the President of Speaker Media and Marketing, and Founder of the Law TV® Network. She is a media and marketing strategist and consultant to some of the most successful personal injury law firms in the United States, some of whom have been clients for more than a decade.

Greg Abel

Managing Attorney

Parnall Law 

Hiring Superstars

Greg had 17 years of experience as a trial lawyer in Illinois before joining Parnall Law Firm. At Parnall Law, he continues to focus his practice on plaintiff’s personal injury cases—in particular automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Greg managed his family's business--a farm and auto body shop.

Eva Grouling Snider

Director of Advertising

Russell Media

How to Get Quality Cases on Facebook

Eva Grouling Snider is the Director of Advertising at Russell Media. She has managed more than $5 million in Facebook advertising spend for lawyers. Working from home has dramatically changed her commute from a 2-minute walk to a 5-second one.

Luke Russell


Russell Media

How to Get Quality Cases on Facebook

Luke W Russell is the founder of Russell Media. His dedication to empowering and supporting his team has resulted in top-notch client relationships. The folks at Russell Media are known for going above and beyond for their advertising clients.

Bill Biggs

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers

Onboarding New Hires

During his eight year tenure Daniel Stark has grown its revenue by almost 500% and increased from three to six locations. Additionally, as President of Biggs & Associates, Bill is passionate about helping business leaders and high profile professionals effectively leverage their platforms to impact the world.

Gary Falkowitz


Intake Conversion Experts, LLC

Intake Panel

Gary Falkowitz is the President of Intake Conversion Experts, LLC (ICE), President of Maximum Intake Consulting Inc. and Managing Partner at The Falkowitz Law Firm PLLC. He has been an attorney for 16 years and has separated himself in this industry as the leading expert on Intake. Over the past 5 years, Gary has consulted hundreds of law firms on the importance of effectively creating and managing an efficient intake process that maximizes the return on a law firm’s marketing investments. Gary has also authored the book, The Complete Guide to Law Firm Intake, which he believes is a must-read for all personal injury law firms spending money marketing for leads.

Gary is a husband to a loving and caring wife and father to three wonderful children. He and his family are actively involved in their community, where Gary serves as Village Prosecutor. Gary believes that family always comes first, and he hopes to instill in his children that with hard work and passion, anything can be accomplished.

Larry Disparti

Founder / Owner

Disparti Law Group

Double Your Referrals with "Your Ambassador Club"

Larry Disparti (Founder/Owner) grew up in a union family. Early in his career, Larry became a nationally known attorney fighting for the injured. He has been featured on MSNBC, FOX, CBS, as well as having been published in over 100 major newspapers across the country including the Wall Street Journal. Larry’s entire career has been about fighting for his clients against government and big insurance companies.

Grace Montealegre-Persist

How to Mine Your Database for Gold


Kerri Coby White



Intake Panel

 Kerri Coby White is co-founder and CEO of KerriJames, a consulting firm providing growth-hungry law firms with custom intake solutions that improve lead conversions and save time. 

Kerri has been serving the legal industry in marketing and business development over the last decade. A graduate of NYU’s Steinhardt School, Kerri frequently works with new attorneys to develop skills and practices that grow their professional brand and increase case acquisition. She speaks frequently on the small, consistent strategies that, compounded over time, result in deeply satisfying careers.  

As CEO of KerriJames, Kerri works closely within the industry to build new relationships and connect attorneys and colleagues to trusted partners that help them move the needle in their business.  It is her personal belief that technology must be leveraged in ways that enable firms to do the important work of seeking justice, supporting clients, and growing organizations that serve their communities.

Boris Musheyev


The Power of Tax Planning

Boris Musheyev, CPA is dedicated to accounting and tax services for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Our CPA firm offers the expertise of a Certified Tax Planner (CTP) and specializes in powerful tax planning techniques. These highly-effective strategies save our clients tens of thousands of dollars in taxes each year. We personalize each and every strategy to ensure that our client’s family and business situation is thoroughly examined to maximize tax savings.

We take pride in saving our clients’ money. When you turn to us for accounting oversight and tax compliance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a qualified CPA is overseeing your finances so you avoid costly mistakes. We'll be proactive about protecting your wealth by keeping in touch with you throughout the year to manage your tax burden. If you need to make financial decisions that could have tax consequences, you can count on us to discuss your concerns and find ways to control tax exposure.

Chad Dudley

Managing Partner at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers | CEO of cj Advertising

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts …New Technologies. They Help but They Don’t.

 In 2009, Chad founded Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers with partners Steven DeBosier and James Peltier. Chad continuously fights for injured people and brings a vast knowledge of automobile accidents, personal injuries, toxic torts, securities litigation, and class action lawsuits to the legal team. 

Additionally, in 2009, he also founded Vista Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to helping other plaintiff personal injury law firms run more efficiently. For nearly a decade, Chad has worked with almost 100 personal injury law firms, becoming an expert on the topic of law firm management and a frequent speaker at national conferences. In 2017, Chad left Vista Consulting to take on the role of CEO at cj Advertising. Under Chad’s leadership, cj Advertising continues to launch a variety of new product offerings and improvements that merge the agency’s nearly 25 years of personal injury marketing experience with industry consulting expertise and the latest digital and broadcast marketing strategies.

The Honolulu native migrated to Baton Rouge after earning a scholarship to play tennis at Louisiana State University. Chad received a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1996 from LSU before he attended LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center, where he received his Juris Doctorate in 2000. Chad was selected as a Louisiana Super Lawyer and Rising Star for three years.

Carl Solomon



Aaron Itzkowitz 

Are Your TV Ads Achieving Maximum Penetration?  Focus Groups in an AI World


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