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PILMMA members understand the importance of running a law firm well. That mentality lies behind GrowPath. That’s why Ken endorses it and why it’s such a natural fit for PILMMA members. 

With 20 patents and counting, GrowPath is changing the game. Literally.

And there’s never been a better time to switch. Not only do we make the transition exceptionally easy, we’re offering special pricing for PILMMA members from now until the end of the year. See for yourself why PILMMA members are switching to GrowPath:

Why GrowPath - Meet Jim

What problems was GrowPath legal case management software created to solve?

Watch this short video and discover the GrowPath difference.



GrowPath makes it easy for your staff to identify the clients you want and sign them — before they call your competition.

Powered by patented technology you will not find elsewhere.  

Some client-favorite features:


  • Smart questionnaires help your staff ask the right questions to determine case value, find derivative cases, and keep irrelevant questions at bay.
  • Lead scoring highlights and triages potentially valuable cases (patented!).
  • Text & e-sign retainers so you can sign cases-mid call. Completed retainers are auto-added to the client record.
  • Text & e-sign retainers allow you to sign cases mid-call. Completed retainers are auto-added to the client record.
  • BuzzwordsTM are a powerful tool used by many clients to alert staff when a caller might also have a lucrative mass tort case (patented!).



GrowPath was built to save you time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Ever. With less clicks, case information at a glance, and more powerful tools, you will be amazed at how much more productive your staff can be.

In fact, GrowPath users have reported processing cases a month faster (or more), leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profit. 

Powered by patented technology you will not find elsewhere.  

Some client-favorite features:


  • Smart reminders automatically appear when needed based on case type and latest actions taken (patented!).
  • Customized caseview saves users significant time by showing each user exactly what they need to see to get up to speed quickly (patented!).
  • In-record document storage allows you to see all case documents, filter to quickly find what you need, and both create and store merge documents in one click.
  • Notes search helps you to find past conversations easily and quickly. It works just like searching in Google®. No hashtags or special formatting needed.



Many case management programs offer a rudimentary tool or .csv download and call it “reporting.” At GrowPath, we built four different tools that work together to give you the best reporting platform on the market today, bar none.

From traditional Excel/.csv reports to interactive dashboards, it’s never been clearer what steps you need to take to manage your firm well.

Best of all, GrowPath reports are auto-generated, and all in real time. No waiting. No human error. No dated data.

Some client-favorite features:


  • Matter trackers allow you to see entire caseloads at a glance. Instantly see the status of all open cases. Potential issues are raised in red. Click to open any case to dive deeper.


  • Automated reports generate at the frequency you choose for any items you want to track on a consistent basis.


  • Interactive dashboards are essentially live reports and charts that allow you to drill down to the most minute details.


  • Powerful search allows you to mine your cases for whatever you want. Results are generated in seconds, and you can then filter or download to .csv.


Not only is GrowPath a superior case management software, but the GrowPath Customer Success Team is second to none.

Change is hard, but the GrowPath team eases your firm through the process.

GrowPath's implementation and onboarding is designed to be minimally disruptive and as easy as possible. Each phase is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each firm, and it’s led by a team with real-world knowledge of what makes a successful PI firm.